Corona Virus: A dangerous virus that affects the world

In today’s time, the most popular news you ever heard is not for any kind of election or any type of controversial news but the news that blows his mark on the whole world is about the deadly virus which was erected from China. The name of this virus is the Corona Virus.
This virus was firstly introduced in the very crowded and popular city of China named Yu hang
city. That affects hundreds or even thousands of people in China.
China is the country that had the largest population in the whole world. China is a socialists country and its government facing the problem of their high population criteria in the whole world. The high population comes with a high demand for food quantity and that’s also a big problem in this country. People of china liked seafood very much and that’s become the reason for 0f the Corona Virus. Corona Virus is a type of virus which is mainly found sea animals like snake, fishes, turtles and many others. This virus comes from a snake who had this virus in his body and affect the whole world. In this time the effect of the Corona Virus is found in many countries like China, India, America, and some others. This virus affects more than 80,000 peoples but the good news is that china helped the people of China to overcome this and also successful to cure more than 53,000 peoples.
This virus is very dangerous and the only remedy to avoid this virus is a precaution.

Top 5 exercises for making a perfect 6 pack abs

Fit Body is a must thing in today’s time. Everyone wants that they’ll get a good postured body. To making your body fit and flexible exercises are the main components of it. People work very hard to make their body fit and flexible.

There are many exercises which are very helpful for abs. In this article, we’re going to talk about the top 5 exercises for getting perfect abs.

These exercises can be done at some and some are in the gym.

  1. The Plank variation:- This type of exercise is very helpful for making and faster. In this type of exercise you just had to follow the steps which are given below:-

Step 1:- Stand in a straight position and after that take pushups position on the ground.

Step 2:- Bend your kneeson the ground and fix this position for 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

This position concentrated your power on your abs which give a very good posture to your abs and as well as your body.

  1. Side Plank:- Side Plank is also a very great exercise for six-pack abs. Yes, this exercise is a type of plank variation but this exercise is a little bit different from the plank.

Side Plank is also done only for 30 seconds to 60 seconds. This exercise is a very effective exercise for abs. This exercise not only works for abs but also helps to built glutes, quads, hamstrings, inner/outer thighs, and your upper body.

Side Plank is an English version of the exercise of yoga which is named Vasisthasana in yoga. To do this exercise you just had to raise your top leg so that it is parallel to the ground.

  1. Reverse crunch:- Reverse crunch is also a very good exercise for the making of six-pack abs in our body. This exercise will help to Engage your lower abdomen and obliques. Lie on your back with your hands under your bum and bent your knees properly. Bring your legs up until they form a 90-degree angle. After that make 15-20 reps which are sufficient for one day.
  1. Vertical Leg Crunch:- This is also a very good exercise for making abs in your body. This exercise is said to be one of the best exercises for abs.

Lie on your back with your legs and up in the air, the knees must be slightly bent. Try to touch your ankles with your hands by contracting your abs, but keep that in mind that your chin should be off your chest. Repeat this for 12-16 reps.

  1. The Bicycle Crunch:- This exerciseis the last exercise on our list. This is also a great abs workout exercise which gives immediate results in just 15 days. This exercise is very common and easy exercise for abs. 20-30 reps daily will be sufficient.


Abs are the most attractive thing in a body which attract peoples towards your body. You must try these exercises that will give you quick results.

What is Network Markting

Hey readers, This topic is very fascinating because this article is going to cover all the information about Network Marketing. In today’s time, many myths are available in the market which is sufficient to influence your mind that Network Marketing is very risky and a bad career option.

Well, this was a false statement because Network Marketing is said to the prestigious field which offers to every person to make his/her career. The spe

  • What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a system in which each distributor in the network owned his own business and continues to remain the head of his business.

A person distributes products and builds a network of distributors.

Now, let’s see some benefits and limitations of Network Marketing

  1. Benefits of Network Marketing
  • Freedom of working:- The best thing about Network Marketingis that this field provides the freedom of working to its people. This will help to improve the personality of the person.
  • Money Making field:- This is the only field in which you got the opportunity to make more money.
  • 0% investment:- Network Marketing is like a business because it can give a regular basic income and that’s why plenty of youth got attracted to this field.
  1. Limitations of network marketing
  • Less Demand of the products:- Network marketing is all about the efforts which you put to sell your product but in network marketing the product which the company offeres to it’s customers are not advertised anywhere so their demand becomes very low.
  • Lack of Awareness among public

There are lack of Awareness among people regarding Network marketing. Some people known about this concept of network marketing but still there is lack of Awareness to take initiative regarding this.

  1. Myths of Network Marketing?

Many of the companies are available which did fraud to its client and that’s why the youth are not comfortable with this field. Network Marketing needs hard work and the most important thing patience. If you have both you can rock in this field.

But, there are many companies who influenced people and asked them for depositing money to get the membership.

Well there are some genuine companies also who are very trustworthy.

  1. Some trusted companies for network marketing
  • Vestige:- vestige is one of the best product selling company who is doing their business through network marketing process. This company is one of the largest Company of India in who are proceeding with Network marketing technique.
  • Forever living:- This company is an American company who is working in India from very long time. This company also established it’s trustworthy behaviour of working towards it’s customers.

There are many more companies who are working in this field and doing a trustworthy business in the market but these companies who are listed above are the top most companies for Network marketing.


So, in this article we saw all the related information about Network marketing. This is a good career option specially for youth to make their career in it.

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

Hey readers, toady’s topic is very fascinating because today we’re going to discuss the confusing topic for every blogger and website holder and that is SEO

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

SEO which means Search Engine Optimization

Topics to be covered in this article?

1. Meaning of SEO?

2. Working type of SEO?

3. Scope of SEO?

So, let’s start

  • 1. Meaning of SEO?

SEO stands for Search engine Optimization. It refers to a system by which you can optimize your website and archieve the best result for the search of the customer. SEO can be defined as a process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. With the help of SEO, you are able to increase your online appearance on online media.

  • 2. Working type of SEO?

Let this know about an example.

Suppose you have a website of gadgets review and you posted some articles related to gadgets. If anyone in the world searches a review of the gadgets and type the keyword related to your content then with the help of SEO the customer can find your website at the top and make a visit to your website and can see your content easily

So, here we understand that SEO is necessary for increasing visibility online or is very necessary for increasing traffic.

  • Scope of SEO?

SEO has a large scope in the future because it increases the online presence of a website which helps to get more and more views on your website and this will help to increase the earning of website holders to its website.
In addition to covering SEO generally, Search Engine Land also has search engine optimization areas specifically for each of the major search engines:

Affiliate marketing: An online marketing for selling goods

We all know about the era of technology is too high. Many software companies are generated from the power of technology. There are plenty of companies in the whole world. Some companies have the fund to advertise their product on TV and some companies use network marketing to advertising their products.

But, there is one more way by which most of the software companies use this type of marketing to increase their sales and maintaining their appearance on the market. This marketing technique is Affiliate marketing.

  1. What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to sale the product to the use of the C2C( Customer to Customer) approach.

In this type of marketing, many customers send the information of a product to others and if any customer purchased this product to his/her link they’ll get some percentage of the value of the product.

  1. How is it working?

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to promote the product and earn plenty of money.

Step 1:- Make your appearance to the company whose Products you wanted to promote

Step 2:- After the authorization of the company you can select the products you want to promote.

Step 3:- Post the information of product to your Social Media handle and you can also make your website for affiliate marketing.

  1. Scope of Affiliate marketing?

The scope of this technique of marketing is very abroad. Many big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Clubfactory, and many other companies give a large percentage to affiliate marketers. No. 1 Blogger of India Harsh Agarwal also said in the interview that most of the income came from affiliate marketing.


So, here we see all the related information about affiliate marketing. It is the best marketing field for a college student as well as for any blogger. The demand for this industry continuously increases which makes it a more relevant and reliable field to earn money.

Obesity A dangerous problem for our society

In today’s time, obesity is becoming a hazardous problem. It will not only increase the weight of the person but also increases the chance of having diseases in the body. Obesity affects not only the elders but in youths too. 

The problem is that the food culture in our country becomes very bad. People are also can’t able to avoid them because they love their taste. 

To satisfy their tongue they never take care of their stomachs. 

This will increase the fat percentage in our body and this will increase our weight apparently. At the starting we feel confident but when the weight continuously gained people start worrying and trying to found the ways to recover it.

Weight putting is not a bad thing a person who wants a great body posture had to increase weight but also taken care of body fat also. 

There are two types of fats that are helping to put on the weight of Simple Fat and Complex Fat

Simple fat is gained from Chicken, Eggs, Soya, Pulses and many other but Complex fat is available in Junk foods. The problem is that people are eating lots of Complex fat in their daily life. Complex fat is the reason which contains many weight problems like Diabetes, Blood pressures, and many others. 


Do at least 20 minutes of exercise daily. Drink 3-4 liters of water daily and avoid junk foods as much you can. 

This will not only help you to improve your weight status but also helps in maintaining a good digestion system. 

Emily Skye Workout Review Reviews

Emily Skye’s workout review.

Emily Skye’s workout review.

Emily Skye is an Australian fitness model. She becomes a role model for every fitness freak woman in the world. Emily Skye is also famous in the whole world. Every fitness freak women should follow him. 

Emily Skye’s workout review.

Emily had a great experience in weight training.

She made a pre-plan of 7 days workout for full-body training. Emily Skye also follow and get massive results for him to become a fitness model.

We’re here going to discuss this 7-day workout plan. 

We’ll start with day 1

•  Day 1: Day of rest

Emily says that we should do less workout or stretching on the first day of this session.

Most of the people makes this mistake on the first day of training. It will increase the chance of injury in our body because we haven’t practiced that kind of weight training before.

• Day 2: Upper Body workout

Now, you can start upper body workout. These exercises should be done after the warm-up of 5 minutes. We can do rope-skipping, Pushups etc. 

Equipment required

• One bench

• 2 dumbbells(DB)

 • Round 1

12× DB bench press

12× standing bent row

Rest of 60 seconds

• Round 2

 12× DB knee row

12×DB military press

60 sec rest

• Round 3

Can do 10 knee pushups

15× Air

Note:- 4 sets of all rounds

• Day 3: Lower Body workout

After upper body workout, we’ll proceed to lower body workout. 

Equipment needed

• 1 bench

• 2 dumbbells(DB)

• Round 1

Round one contains 10× DB Squats, DB lunge, Deadlift DB. After that take a rest of 60 seconds. 

• Round 2

In round 2 we’re going to do 10× crusty lunge with No weight. 

• Round 3

 20 × butterfly kick by each leg

 20 ×Ankle Tap by each leg.

 step-ups × 10. 

• Day 4:-  Again Rest Day

After doing a massive workout for upper and lower body. The body requires to have a rest for a day. 

• Day 5:-  Tabata Training/ Circuit Training

Now, you can start the training  for weight loss. This circuit training is called Tabata which is very helpful for weight loss. It refers to a condition that the work out is done only for 20 seconds and after  that rest of 20 seconds.


1. One bench 

2. One kettle bee

3. One Barbell

4. And floor mats

Tabata for 4 minutes

 we do some Deadlifts with lightweight after that we had to do Air Squats Kettlebells an additional exercise. 

 • Day 6:- Upper body workout

This upper body workout different from the previous upper body workout. In this Upper body workout, you can do training to improve your Back and your arms. 5 minute warm-up before starting the workout is necessary. We had to do four sets of each of the rounds mentioned below.

• Round 1

1.  10 Band pullups

2. 10 DB military press

3. Rest of 1 minute

• Round 2

 1.  8 DB bench press

2. 8 kneeling dump ell

• Round 3

1. 10 upright Kettlerow

2.  10 kettlebell (Swing)

3. Rest of 60 seconds

• Round 4

1. 20 seconds of Swingball Crunch

2. 15 right-left Plank

3. Rest of 40 seconds

• Day 7:-  Circuit

Emily ends this session with circuit training.  Circuit workout is an important  workout for human body. This training is not only to train your body but helps to improve brain skills and ability.

 Equipments needed

1. Floor mat

2. Kettlebell

3. Medicine ball

5 Rounds 

1. V-ups maximum of 10

2.  Medicine ball slams (15 Overhead)

3.  Climbers× 20

4. Plank lift ( 5 per leg)

5. Kettle beg front ( 10)


Email Skye’s fitness schedules are followed by many many actors and professionals 

here we saw all the related information about Emily Skye’s work out review.

Hope you like. 

Drinking water after eating food is an poisoning activity.

Drinking water after eating food is an poisoning activity. 

Hey readers, today’s topic is very fascinating because in this article we’re going to talk about Drinking water after eating food is an poisoning activity. 

Most of the people ( specially Indians) had an habbit that they drink water just after finishing their lunch or Dinner. 

This is an very bad habbit and it affect the body very badly. Drinking water after eating food is also make some disease in our body. 

How it affect very bad to our body?

When we eat food the food reaches our stomach to our food pipes. Then a chemical named HCL acid ( Hydro chloric Acid) helps to digest the food. It makes our digestion strong. How much the HCL concentrated the better it digest. If you drink water after eating food then water which is also reaches the stomach through food pipe with food will dilute the HCL Acid. Then this Acid becomes less concentrated and had make week digestion system. 

what kind of disease had to face our body?

Drinking water after eating food is give birth to many stomach problem like weak digestion, Thyroid and many other disease. 

It also increase bad fat in you body if you drink water after eating food. According to Doctors if a person drinks water immediately after eating food then he loose his three years of life. This statement is not a myths it is said by doctors. 

What we can do ?

If you can control yourself to drink water immediately after eating food then it’s a great thing for you but if you don’t then drink small sip of water when you become more thirsty. This will not affect your body that much and you can easily digest your food properly. 

So, here we see the data about why we should not drink water after eating food. 

We also saw the solution of it that definitely helps you to become an aware person. 

SEO And Increase ROI Via Marketing

Hey readers, toady’s topic is very fascinating as well as unique because today we’re going to discuss the most confusing topic for every blogger and website holder and this topic is

SEO and how to increase ROI via marketing.

What we cover in this article


2. Work of SEO?

3. ROI?

4. Increase ROI via Marketing.

So, let’s start

1. About SEO?

Well, the full form of SEO is Search engine Optimization. It refers to a system by which you can optimize your website to become the best result for the search of the customer. SEO can be defined as a process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. With the help of SEO, you are able to increase your online visibility.

2. Work of SEO?

Let this know about an example.

Suppose you have a website of gadgets review and you post articles related to gadgets. If anyone searches a review of the new upcoming phone and types the keyword related to your content then with the help of SEO the customer can find your website at the top and make a visit to your site this work is done by SEO.

So, here we understand that SEO is necessary for increasing visibility online or is very necessary for increasing traffic.

3. What is the ROI?

ROI refers to a ratio between net profit and the cost of investment. It means that when we subtract cost invested to Net Profit.

High ROI means high returns on investment and low ROI means low returns on investment.

It is an important element of investment.

Now, we’re going to discuss how a person can increase it’s ROI from Marketing. Well, there are many other options or ways to improve but Marketing refers to a great way to improve our ROI. This element is also very helpful in SEO which takes your online visibility on top.

4. The top 5 tips for improving ROI via marketing.

1. Planning

You have to do proper planning on ROI.

Great planning leads you to a great victory.

2. Ignore vanity merits

Vanity merits can distract your team from there goals and make them careless about there work.

3. Unique sales mind

Plan to do some unique to the public. Ya, it has risk but it can increase your ROI.

4. Sale, Sale and just sale

The main motive of your team is to maximize their sales Because sales are the only way to increase your ROI

5. Make a decision without regrets

You have to avoid regrets when you meet defeat during your experiment.

So, these are the tips to improve your ROI.

so in this article, we saw how SEO is important for increasing our visibility in online media. We also understand the way to increase our ROI through marketing. 

Top 5 Fashion Designers In The World

Hey readers, today’s topic is very fascinating because today we’re going to talk about The Top 5 Fashion Designers in the world.

So, let’s start our list.

1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an incredible man because before coming into the fashion designing industry he was run a general store. Ralph Lauren also works in the furniture and perfume industry. In the year of 1967, Ralph Lauren create his own fashion designing company named Ralph Lauren Corporation. The net worth of Ralph in today’s time is approx $7 billion. 

2. Giorgio Armani

This designer is also known as the first red carpet fashion designer and this designer is also known as the very popular men’s fashion invention. Armani is the most popular brand in the whole world. Giorgio started this company in 1975. Their net worth is $8.06 billion.

3. Jimmy Choo

This is a Malaysian company that is established in 1996. CHOO is very famous for the making of women’s shoes and handbags. The net worth of Jimmy Choo PVT. It is approx $50 million. This brand is very popular and also mentioned in various Indian songs. This product contains very high quality and design but has a very high price too. 

4. Jean-Paul Gaultier 

He is one of the most popular French designer in the world. Is the company design ready to wear clothes? He started his business in the year of 1982. His company said to be one of the best designer companies in the French republic. The net worth of this company is a hundred million dollars.

So, here we have now completed our four best designers in the world now we are going to see e v and last designer on this list.

5. Marc Jacobs

He is another victory fashion designer in the world. Marc starts his designer collection in the year of 1986. The interesting fact about Marc’s life is that at the starting of his career. He worked as a stock boy in the shop of New York named

Charivari is a cloth shop in New York. 

So, here we see all the best designers in the world we here try to complete all the fashion designers which were listed in many magazines. these are the best designers in the world they create for the design one of the best clothes in the whole world but their products are very costly. 

Hope you like.