What is Network Markting

Hey readers, This topic is very fascinating because this article is going to cover all the information about Network Marketing. In today’s time, many myths are available in the market which is sufficient to influence your mind that Network Marketing is very risky and a bad career option.

Well, this was a false statement because Network Marketing is said to the prestigious field which offers to every person to make his/her career. The spe

  • What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a system in which each distributor in the network owned his own business and continues to remain the head of his business.

A person distributes products and builds a network of distributors.

Now, let’s see some benefits and limitations of Network Marketing

  1. Benefits of Network Marketing
  • Freedom of working:- The best thing about Network Marketingis that this field provides the freedom of working to its people. This will help to improve the personality of the person.
  • Money Making field:- This is the only field in which you got the opportunity to make more money.
  • 0% investment:- Network Marketing is like a business because it can give a regular basic income and that’s why plenty of youth got attracted to this field.
  1. Limitations of network marketing
  • Less Demand of the products:- Network marketing is all about the efforts which you put to sell your product but in network marketing the product which the company offeres to it’s customers are not advertised anywhere so their demand becomes very low.
  • Lack of Awareness among public

There are lack of Awareness among people regarding Network marketing. Some people known about this concept of network marketing but still there is lack of Awareness to take initiative regarding this.

  1. Myths of Network Marketing?

Many of the companies are available which did fraud to its client and that’s why the youth are not comfortable with this field. Network Marketing needs hard work and the most important thing patience. If you have both you can rock in this field.

But, there are many companies who influenced people and asked them for depositing money to get the membership.

Well there are some genuine companies also who are very trustworthy.

  1. Some trusted companies for network marketing
  • Vestige:- vestige is one of the best product selling company who is doing their business through network marketing process. This company is one of the largest Company of India in who are proceeding with Network marketing technique.
  • Forever living:- This company is an American company who is working in India from very long time. This company also established it’s trustworthy behaviour of working towards it’s customers.

There are many more companies who are working in this field and doing a trustworthy business in the market but these companies who are listed above are the top most companies for Network marketing.


So, in this article we saw all the related information about Network marketing. This is a good career option specially for youth to make their career in it.

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