A deadly disease

Hey readers, today’s topic is very interesting and unique because today we’re going to talking about the deadliest habit or we can say a disease who makes us helpless and inactive.

We’re going to talking about Stress.

So, what is stress let’s get find out.

According to JEFF Bezos, the CEO of Amazon company people get stressed when they can’t do something that they can. 

It means it is a reaction when the person wants to do something but he is unable to do because for some reason.

Let us know with an example

Suppose a boy who started blogging with his study but he is unable to manage time between both the works then he becomes stressed.

Stress is called the natural or normal reaction of a person in their surroundings but sometimes it becomes harmful.

There are many cases of people dying because of stress. 

It gives rise to depression and anxiety which is very harmful to health.

So, how we can overcome it.

Here are some amazing ways to overcome stress.

1. Meditation

This is called the best way to overcome stress. Meditation gives us effective calmness and maintain calm in our mind. The ancient time all the rishis are doing Meditation and now the whole world accepts the gift of Meditation which is given by India to the whole world.

2. Write your problem in paper

Many doctors are suggesting their patents to do work like this because if we write our problem in plain paper our mind is automatically getting calm.

So, here are the two most powerful ways that remove your stress. This problem said the normal problem but it is not. In Japan, people spent lots of money to overcome with stress because Japan is the most stressed country in the world.  

So, here we’ll get all the information about stress hope you like.

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