SEO And Increase ROI Via Marketing

Hey readers, toady’s topic is very fascinating as well as unique because today we’re going to discuss the most confusing topic for every blogger and website holder and this topic is

SEO and how to increase ROI via marketing.

What we cover in this article


2. Work of SEO?

3. ROI?

4. Increase ROI via Marketing.

So, let’s start

1. About SEO?

Well, the full form of SEO is Search engine Optimization. It refers to a system by which you can optimize your website to become the best result for the search of the customer. SEO can be defined as a process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. With the help of SEO, you are able to increase your online visibility.

2. Work of SEO?

Let this know about an example.

Suppose you have a website of gadgets review and you post articles related to gadgets. If anyone searches a review of the new upcoming phone and types the keyword related to your content then with the help of SEO the customer can find your website at the top and make a visit to your site this work is done by SEO.

So, here we understand that SEO is necessary for increasing visibility online or is very necessary for increasing traffic.

3. What is the ROI?

ROI refers to a ratio between net profit and the cost of investment. It means that when we subtract cost invested to Net Profit.

High ROI means high returns on investment and low ROI means low returns on investment.

It is an important element of investment.

Now, we’re going to discuss how a person can increase it’s ROI from Marketing. Well, there are many other options or ways to improve but Marketing refers to a great way to improve our ROI. This element is also very helpful in SEO which takes your online visibility on top.

4. The top 5 tips for improving ROI via marketing.

1. Planning

You have to do proper planning on ROI.

Great planning leads you to a great victory.

2. Ignore vanity merits

Vanity merits can distract your team from there goals and make them careless about there work.

3. Unique sales mind

Plan to do some unique to the public. Ya, it has risk but it can increase your ROI.

4. Sale, Sale and just sale

The main motive of your team is to maximize their sales Because sales are the only way to increase your ROI

5. Make a decision without regrets

You have to avoid regrets when you meet defeat during your experiment.

So, these are the tips to improve your ROI.

so in this article, we saw how SEO is important for increasing our visibility in online media. We also understand the way to increase our ROI through marketing. 

Top 5 Fashion Designers In The World

Hey readers, today’s topic is very fascinating because today we’re going to talk about The Top 5 Fashion Designers in the world.

So, let’s start our list.

1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an incredible man because before coming into the fashion designing industry he was run a general store. Ralph Lauren also works in the furniture and perfume industry. In the year of 1967, Ralph Lauren create his own fashion designing company named Ralph Lauren Corporation. The net worth of Ralph in today’s time is approx $7 billion. 

2. Giorgio Armani

This designer is also known as the first red carpet fashion designer and this designer is also known as the very popular men’s fashion invention. Armani is the most popular brand in the whole world. Giorgio started this company in 1975. Their net worth is $8.06 billion.

3. Jimmy Choo

This is a Malaysian company that is established in 1996. CHOO is very famous for the making of women’s shoes and handbags. The net worth of Jimmy Choo PVT. It is approx $50 million. This brand is very popular and also mentioned in various Indian songs. This product contains very high quality and design but has a very high price too. 

4. Jean-Paul Gaultier 

He is one of the most popular French designer in the world. Is the company design ready to wear clothes? He started his business in the year of 1982. His company said to be one of the best designer companies in the French republic. The net worth of this company is a hundred million dollars.

So, here we have now completed our four best designers in the world now we are going to see e v and last designer on this list.

5. Marc Jacobs

He is another victory fashion designer in the world. Marc starts his designer collection in the year of 1986. The interesting fact about Marc’s life is that at the starting of his career. He worked as a stock boy in the shop of New York named

Charivari is a cloth shop in New York. 

So, here we see all the best designers in the world we here try to complete all the fashion designers which were listed in many magazines. these are the best designers in the world they create for the design one of the best clothes in the whole world but their products are very costly. 

Hope you like. 

A deadly disease

Hey readers, today’s topic is very interesting and unique because today we’re going to talking about the deadliest habit or we can say a disease who makes us helpless and inactive.

We’re going to talking about Stress.

So, what is stress let’s get find out.

According to JEFF Bezos, the CEO of Amazon company people get stressed when they can’t do something that they can. 

It means it is a reaction when the person wants to do something but he is unable to do because for some reason.

Let us know with an example

Suppose a boy who started blogging with his study but he is unable to manage time between both the works then he becomes stressed.

Stress is called the natural or normal reaction of a person in their surroundings but sometimes it becomes harmful.

There are many cases of people dying because of stress. 

It gives rise to depression and anxiety which is very harmful to health.

So, how we can overcome it.

Here are some amazing ways to overcome stress.

1. Meditation

This is called the best way to overcome stress. Meditation gives us effective calmness and maintain calm in our mind. The ancient time all the rishis are doing Meditation and now the whole world accepts the gift of Meditation which is given by India to the whole world.

2. Write your problem in paper

Many doctors are suggesting their patents to do work like this because if we write our problem in plain paper our mind is automatically getting calm.

So, here are the two most powerful ways that remove your stress. This problem said the normal problem but it is not. In Japan, people spent lots of money to overcome with stress because Japan is the most stressed country in the world.  

So, here we’ll get all the information about stress hope you like.

Conference call: a digital need of life

Hey readers, if I ask you a question that is you ever make a phone a phone call I’m sure that it will be a matter of great laughter for you. But, if I ask you that is you make a conference call then you give a very mix response. So, in this article, we are going to discuss about what is a Conference call?

Conference call refers to that call by which we can talk more than one person at the same time.

This call connects more than one person at video or audio call and the same time no matters where you want to connect your call.

So, we are going to learn about how it works.

Suppose you live in Delhi and you want to make a conference call in London where your friend lives.

When you make a call your call to reach the satellite who traveling somewhere in the space through signal towers. When your signal reaches to the satellite it finds your friends server and connects your call to your friend then you want to call another friend who lives in Bangkok then the process applied again and you can able to call more than one person at the same time and its your choice that you choose a voice call or a video call.

So, in this article, we learn about what is a conference call how it works and many more.

Apple iPhone XR price in India dropped, but should you buy it?

Hey readers, today’s topic is very controversial topic because in this article we are going to talking about the price discrimination of Apples phone iPhone XR.

Well before we proceed I want to tell you that iPhone XR is the most selling phone in the world. Apple company sells approx 2.7 crore phones in phone market.

People like Apple’s smart phones because they are relevent,Having high security, giving high quality features in their smart phones. This will become Apple to the No. 1 selling smart phone of the world.

Apple company now drop prices of some other phones also like iPhone 10 but in the case of iPhone XR they drop approx 18000 rrupees. Yes, 18000 rupees.

The price of Iphone XR was 73,500 in a day after tomorrow but now a customer can but it in just 55,500. The customers who are waiting for the price drop of this phone make hurry to buy this phone.

But should they buy ?

Well most people says no because the price drop of This phone increase their demand very fast in phone market. Stocks are sold in seconds. The stocks realised by the company is sold in seconds. Amazon is the sponser or promoter of apple but they can’t able to fulfill the demand of the phone market. Apple company says price would be fall in upcoming time.

Many people are buying and still we can say survive to get iPhone XR but company wasn’t able to fulfill the market demand. They planned to fulfill the market demand silently and taking time for it. They promise to make a large quantity stock in their next flash sale.

So, now you understand why Apple iPhone XR are in huge demand but company can’t avail required supply. 

Veg food vs Non veg food

Hey readers,we know that human is an omnivores social animal.Human being consume veg food and non veg in this article we are going to talking about the camparision between these two types of food. so let’s begin.

In India their is an category divided into vegetarian and non vegetarian people’s.

Both kind of  foods have unique multinutrients and ablities to make body fit but they have drawbacks too.

Non veg food are rich in protein and fat so they are called as a good body building supplement but in the case of safety Veg food are good.Non veg food contain risk because we don’t know what type of meat we’re eating.The animal what we eat  may be infected from disease and infections. Well, Vegetarian food are fresh and not infected from any disease.

Non-veg food are valued because they are rich in protein. Veg food are valued because they have huge amount of vitamins in it and mostly easy to digest.

Both foods are specialised for giving nutrition to our body.

It depends on you what you prefer.

How much water should drink in a day

Hey readers, If I ask  you a question that how much amount of water did you drink in a day what is your answer 1 ltr, 2 ltr  even  people says 2.5 ltr.But would you know that if a person drinks  3 ltr water in a day  is still not enough. Ya it’s a scientific fact. An average human has to drink approx 4 ltr water daily.

  Is you read it before am sure not. If a person drink 4 ltr Water a day then it not only good for his digestion but as well as good for nervous system, blood circulation in the whole body and also gives long term benefits to the body. In this busy life we don’t have time to make our body fit so why we live ?because health is wealth right. That kind of small habits can help the people to live a long life. To drinking 4 ltr water daily we can make our body cool.

Even scientist said that if a human drink 4 ltr waters a day he live 5 more year from others. So,make this habbit should drink 4 ltr water daily.

If you are busy person it takes minutes a day to drink 4 liters water in the whole day that keeps your body automatically fit and create distance from many diseases like Dehydration, Typhoid,Cholera and many others.

So let’s make a promise to ourselves that should drink 4 liters water daily.

Today’s biggest tech news is that Apple becomes the most selling Brand of the world in the half of 2019.

Hey Readers, Today’s biggest tech news is that Apple becomes the most selling Brand of the world in the half of 2019.

As we know that Apple company has a great Goodwill in the phone market. Their phones are sold in many countries in the world.Everyone like I their phones or not even phone people love all the gadgets but apple is most popular branding the world.

And now apple is the most selling brand of the world.

Apple is that kind of phone where the customers who are not using Apple mobile are still fan of the phone.

So why people love Apple phones ? 

Well that is why because


 company gives high security,speed ,good Customer service, premium design and extreme and unique features to its users.

This company sells approx  26.9 million phone named iPhone xr in the whole world

And becomes the most selling brand in the world.
Samsung got 2nd and 3rd position in it in 2nd position Samsung’s A10 sells 13.4 million phones in the phone market and in  3rd position A50 which is also a product from Samsung sells approx 12 million phones in the phone market

 Well Xiaomi is missing in top 3 or even in top 5.

Apple company is satisfied with this and comment 

Why You May Hate Your New Job and What to Do if This Happens

There’s a job opening. It’s a more senior role at an incredible company/organization. You’re excited by the possibilities it promises, and this opportunity could do wonderful things for your career.

Without much hope or expectation you apply and are contacted for an interview.

The first interview is great – so is the second one.

Now the fantasy is within touching distance of becoming a reality. As you get further in the process, you allow yourself start to think of what your new business cards are going to look like, of what the new commute will be.

It’s all you can think of while they make a decision – every time your phone rings or you have a new email you wonder if it’s them. You want it to be – but only if it’s good news.

They offer you the job!

Celebration, Excitement, Happy Dance!

You begin the new job full of optimism but then – could be a week, a month or some other period of time – everything changes. You have a pit in your stomach as your new job is now a nightmare.

How does this happen? And what can you do about it?

When things fall, they freefall

You start with a clean slate. If you do something at the start to rub people the wrong way, there’s an X against your name. Do it again and that clean slate is incredibly tarnished.

You don’t want people to say – “Have you met the new guy? He’s cringe.”

If you’re in a position of authority, you’re going to have a hard time people respecting you. If you’re rank and file, your boss and colleagues may have a hard time trusting you.

A fractured relationship is like bungee jumping – when things go downhill, they go downhill very quickly. Now the new guy is that guy.

Bad Onboarding

The bad vibes may not just be due to you. There’s nothing worse than a horrible onboarding experience. No one was expecting you; nothing has been set up for you – no desk, no computer and nothing to do. While this could just be one of those things, it’s the worst first impression a new employer can make. It may not help that you had just mastered the coffee machine and printer at your old job and now have that sense of helplessness all over again!

Lack of honesty

You know how you didn’t answer every answer in the interview truthfully

Being too much of a perfectionist? Really – that’s your weakness!?!?

Well as you can find out, two can play at that game.

The perceptions you had were completely off, some clients had just left, some staff were also gone and all that glitters really isn’t gold.

Meanwhile they’re unhappy that you put down pivot tables as a skill and yet don’t know how to do one. Ironically, you will now have to pivot well to get out of this situation.

Going to HR and voicing your displeasure is like complaining to Airbnb about the listing – from the picture it looked like it had a swimming pool but it’s really just a pond.

HR won’t want to get involved. Typically, it responds like this:

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

For whatever reason the relationship with your bosses or the people under you doesn’t gel. It doesn’t help when they like things a certain way and you don’t.

What to do if you’re told the official fonts are Courier or even worse Brush Script!

If they really loved the person you’re replacing, and they have new person resentment, you can’t help that.

Instead of being confident you retreat into your shell, both of which will only make matters worse.

Poor Instincts

One of the reasons you thrived at your old job was that you knew how the people there ticked. At your new place they’re all strangers so need to be able to read people and read them well – don’t be the guy who tries too hard to fit in. Connections can’t be forced – they have to form organically.

Many get off on the wrong foot at their new job because they put people offside. Make the things you say count, while doing a lot of watching and listening.

If you’re going to take initiative, make sure you’re doing something they like.

Lack of Success/Results

This is the case especially in sports. If you become the manager or head coach somewhere and begin with a number of losses, it’s going to be on you. In English soccer, managers are under the pump from the word go and people can even.


You will become successful at what you do if you love it. The journey you go through has to be
motivating for you that you reach the heights. Likewise to be a good writer, writing must be your
passion, something you look up to do every day. Certain qualities which you must inculcate to
be a better are as follows.

  1. To be a good writer, you must be very observant to your surroundings.
  2. You must be a good listener as well as a good reader to be a writer.
  3. You must know how to convey your thoughts in worlds as writing is playing with the worlds.
  4. You must have a good vocabulary and grammar of the language in which you write.
  5. You must write in such a way that you engage your audience.