Top 5 Fashion Designers In The World

Hey readers, today’s topic is very fascinating because today we’re going to talk about The Top 5 Fashion Designers in the world.

So, let’s start our list.

1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an incredible man because before coming into the fashion designing industry he was run a general store. Ralph Lauren also works in the furniture and perfume industry. In the year of 1967, Ralph Lauren create his own fashion designing company named Ralph Lauren Corporation. The net worth of Ralph in today’s time is approx $7 billion. 

2. Giorgio Armani

This designer is also known as the first red carpet fashion designer and this designer is also known as the very popular men’s fashion invention. Armani is the most popular brand in the whole world. Giorgio started this company in 1975. Their net worth is $8.06 billion.

3. Jimmy Choo

This is a Malaysian company that is established in 1996. CHOO is very famous for the making of women’s shoes and handbags. The net worth of Jimmy Choo PVT. It is approx $50 million. This brand is very popular and also mentioned in various Indian songs. This product contains very high quality and design but has a very high price too. 

4. Jean-Paul Gaultier 

He is one of the most popular French designer in the world. Is the company design ready to wear clothes? He started his business in the year of 1982. His company said to be one of the best designer companies in the French republic. The net worth of this company is a hundred million dollars.

So, here we have now completed our four best designers in the world now we are going to see e v and last designer on this list.

5. Marc Jacobs

He is another victory fashion designer in the world. Marc starts his designer collection in the year of 1986. The interesting fact about Marc’s life is that at the starting of his career. He worked as a stock boy in the shop of New York named

Charivari is a cloth shop in New York. 

So, here we see all the best designers in the world we here try to complete all the fashion designers which were listed in many magazines. these are the best designers in the world they create for the design one of the best clothes in the whole world but their products are very costly. 

Hope you like. 

Fashion or Flashion

Did you get the pun Flashion? The clothing industry in 2019 has taken a whole new turn by introducing what you call a semi-naked fashion. You might have seen millennials wearing ripped jeans and shorts in which half of the denim has been torn out for the sake of style and you can see the person’s leg.
What could you achieve by wearing such clothes? I’m not aksing this question to people who are wearing it, but I’m asking this question to the companies who are coming up with these ideas. The cost remains the same or sometimes higher but the quantity of the cloth used for making it is less. All an all, it’s just a marketing strategy and needs to be condemned both by manufacturers and fashion enthusiasts.