How to earn online in this lockdown period

How to earn online in this lockdown period

We all know that at this time not only a specific country but the whole world is facing a very
critical situation. The world is facing a global pandemic and because of that pandemic, the most
developed countries like American, Italy, and the United kingdom are also defeated by this
global pandemic. In this time the whole world becomes lock downed. All the companies whether
it is domestic or multinational companies are being closed. All the executives of the developed
countries taking many necessary decisions to prevent or avoid this global pandemic.
In this, we’re going to talk about how you can utilize the time of lockdown and can earn a great
level of income by investing your little bit time of the day.
In this article, we suggest the top ways to earn online in this period of lockdown in 2020.
So, let’s start

  1. Freelancing
    Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn online. By doing freelancing you can
    establish your online presence. In freelancing, you just have to complete your
    registration in some suggested websites like Up work, Freelancer, and many others.
    After registration, you have to create a good profile that becomes impressive. After
    creating your profile on those websites you can search for clients and ask them that
    you’re good for their work. If they become impressed with your presentation. They’ll give
    you work. If we consider the latest data then we got that by doing freelancing you can
    earn $5 to $100.
  2. Youtube
    YouTube is the best media to earn income not only in this lockdown period but in normal
    life also. In this time where the whole world is facing a situation of the global pandemic,

everyone wants they’ll become updated. To do this work you can open a YouTube
channel to aware and updating the public about the news of the Coronavirus. You can
also choose many other platforms to entertain peoples. This will give you a huge amount
and you become famous in online media. By making the YouTube channel you can earn
in Dollars.

  1. Online tutoring
    In this lockdown period, parents become tensed about their children that their studies
    are stopped due to the lockdown period. By providing this service you can earn a
    massive level of income and experience of learning. So, how you can provide online
    tutoring in this lockdown period?
    You can make your registration on some online tutoring websites. You should require a
    good quality internet speed that will provide uninterrupted services to your students.
    Here, you can earn by providing services per hour. This is a very good media or career
    option, especially for youngsters. If we analyze the income criteria then we got that by
    doing online tutoring you can earn 100 RS to 1000 RS par day.
  2. Content writing
    In content writing, you just have to provide the service of the article provider. The
    interested clients are giving you work and after completing the work the client will pay
    you. This is also a good way to earn money because by becoming a content writer you
    can earn the price and experience of writing the content. The problems which you faced
    is the uncertainty of price. It means that various clients have different paying amounts for
    the same work. By managing this you can be able to do content writing and earn a great
    income in this lockdown period.
  3. Kindle e-book
    If you love to write then you can publish your book that will give you a great level of
    experience and money. You can write your own ebook and able to publish it. You can
    also fix the price of your book at your rate. The company gives you 70% of the total
    earning of the book as royalty and the remaining money will be charged by the Company
    to promote your book on the online platform. This is also a good way to earn income in
    this lockdown period.
    So, in this article, we saw the top 5 ways to earn online in this lock-down period in 2020. I know
    that all the offices and all the sources of income are being closed but by doing these online
    businesses you can help your family and society to overcome their financial condition.

Why You May Hate Your New Job and What to Do if This Happens

There’s a job opening. It’s a more senior role at an incredible company/organization. You’re excited by the possibilities it promises, and this opportunity could do wonderful things for your career.

Without much hope or expectation you apply and are contacted for an interview.

The first interview is great – so is the second one.

Now the fantasy is within touching distance of becoming a reality. As you get further in the process, you allow yourself start to think of what your new business cards are going to look like, of what the new commute will be.

It’s all you can think of while they make a decision – every time your phone rings or you have a new email you wonder if it’s them. You want it to be – but only if it’s good news.

They offer you the job!

Celebration, Excitement, Happy Dance!

You begin the new job full of optimism but then – could be a week, a month or some other period of time – everything changes. You have a pit in your stomach as your new job is now a nightmare.

How does this happen? And what can you do about it?

When things fall, they freefall

You start with a clean slate. If you do something at the start to rub people the wrong way, there’s an X against your name. Do it again and that clean slate is incredibly tarnished.

You don’t want people to say – “Have you met the new guy? He’s cringe.”

If you’re in a position of authority, you’re going to have a hard time people respecting you. If you’re rank and file, your boss and colleagues may have a hard time trusting you.

A fractured relationship is like bungee jumping – when things go downhill, they go downhill very quickly. Now the new guy is that guy.

Bad Onboarding

The bad vibes may not just be due to you. There’s nothing worse than a horrible onboarding experience. No one was expecting you; nothing has been set up for you – no desk, no computer and nothing to do. While this could just be one of those things, it’s the worst first impression a new employer can make. It may not help that you had just mastered the coffee machine and printer at your old job and now have that sense of helplessness all over again!

Lack of honesty

You know how you didn’t answer every answer in the interview truthfully

Being too much of a perfectionist? Really – that’s your weakness!?!?

Well as you can find out, two can play at that game.

The perceptions you had were completely off, some clients had just left, some staff were also gone and all that glitters really isn’t gold.

Meanwhile they’re unhappy that you put down pivot tables as a skill and yet don’t know how to do one. Ironically, you will now have to pivot well to get out of this situation.

Going to HR and voicing your displeasure is like complaining to Airbnb about the listing – from the picture it looked like it had a swimming pool but it’s really just a pond.

HR won’t want to get involved. Typically, it responds like this:

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

For whatever reason the relationship with your bosses or the people under you doesn’t gel. It doesn’t help when they like things a certain way and you don’t.

What to do if you’re told the official fonts are Courier or even worse Brush Script!

If they really loved the person you’re replacing, and they have new person resentment, you can’t help that.

Instead of being confident you retreat into your shell, both of which will only make matters worse.

Poor Instincts

One of the reasons you thrived at your old job was that you knew how the people there ticked. At your new place they’re all strangers so need to be able to read people and read them well – don’t be the guy who tries too hard to fit in. Connections can’t be forced – they have to form organically.

Many get off on the wrong foot at their new job because they put people offside. Make the things you say count, while doing a lot of watching and listening.

If you’re going to take initiative, make sure you’re doing something they like.

Lack of Success/Results

This is the case especially in sports. If you become the manager or head coach somewhere and begin with a number of losses, it’s going to be on you. In English soccer, managers are under the pump from the word go and people can even.


In this busy world, everyone is pushing for making a mark in their society. We all want to stand
out from the crown and be known for something unique in our respective fields and professions.
It all boils down to doing a job or following your passion and making a career out of it.
The difference between a job and a career is that, in a job you work to make your life secure
and at the same time make money. On the other hand a career is fueled by your dreams and
Following are points which show why carriers are better in comparison to the jobs.

  1. Careers give you a sense of purpose in life.
  2. You will live your life to the fullest doing what you love
  3. It won’t feel like burden
  4. Your dreams will manifest into reality
  5. Since you will enjoy the process you will become a better individual.
    If you look around, all the successful people in the world have achieved what they have
    because they love what they do.

Earn While Studying In College

Being independent financially is very good, even better if you do it at a younger age. We all are dependent financially on our parents till we start working. But many of us start working at a young age like part time jobs. This is a good step as you become more matured and start to understand the world way before you peers do. It does help in development of your brain as you meet and interact with different people every day.

You become emotionally and psychologically developed because of your schedule. As working part time is not easy, you become punctual as you have to manage your time between studies and work.

You start to take things more seriously as you know you will have to prove yourself in studies as well as in work now.

This will also help you in long run as you will already have working experience when you apply for your first full time job after graduation. This will be an added advantage as none of your peers will have such experience. So you getting selected will have more probability.


We all want to become the best version of us in all walks of life. We all try to do our best in all walks of life, yet at times we all face disappointments. This means that there are some aspects of ours which are not up to the mark. If we want to be successful in life, we have to holistically on our personality and psychology.

Focus on yourself

We should keep focus on ourselves rather than thinking about others life. We tend to always compare ourselves with people around. Instead we must compete with our own shortcomings to do better.

Always give your best

Every single time you do something, always remember to put your 200%. This will ensure you good results.

Remember you are special

Always motivate yourself and inspire to do best. Remember that if others can do it, so can you. You are no less than anyone in this world.

Do not regret

Always plan everything and then move forward. Take decisions on your own responsibility. And once you do that, do not regret anything. Hard choices make you strong and successful in life.

How can I get instant traffic to my blogging website

Use an image every 75–100 words: Add a relevant image every 100 words to break up your article, boost on-page times, and boost social share that will drive traffic to your blog.
Link out to reputable sites in your niche: This builds trust, establishes relationships, and drives traffic.
Do influencer interviews: Tap into an established traffic stream, get brand endorsements, and create a strong image.
Focus on long-tail keywords: Focus on less competition, target specific users’ search intent, get more search traffic.
Optimize For Speed and Mobile: Your visitors aren’t going to wait around for your blog to load. If your page isn’t coming up fast enough, they’ll hit the back button and move on to the next Google listing (ie your competitor) before you can flip a flapjack.
“Hunt Down” Your Audience: To drive blog traffic, you need to go to where your flock hangs out. Understanding your audience is also key for building strong referral links from relevant websites.
Pick one of these strategies in mixture with and commit to doing it every month. Earning traffic isn’t rocket science, but it does take time, perseverance and consistency. Don’t give up. Stick to your schedule. Remember that everyone has a few posts that suck, and it’s only by writing and publishing those sucky posts that you get into the habit necessary to eventually transform your blog into something remarkable.

Hair Fall Due to Ecological

There are a number of reasons for untimely hair loss and thinning of hair. The main factors being, our lifestyle, ecology or environment.
The environment is full of foreign matter, pollutants and dirt. All these have an adverse effect on our hair quality. Some of the environmental factors are as follows.
Direct Sunrays :
We need take care of our hair when going out on hot summer days. As much as our hair need sunlight, it also requires it to be protected, as excess of everything is bad.
Air Pollution :
The air we breathe is filled with pollutants like toxins and carcinogens. These are very bad not only for our health but also for our hair.
Fungal Infections :
A fungal infection is very contagious infection which directly results in hair loss. It is caused because of the dirt and pollutants which are present in the atmosphere.
Hygiene :
Personal hygiene plays an important role on hair health. We must remember to use a clean comb, pillow and towel when using it on our hair.