Corona Virus: A dangerous virus that affects the world

In today’s time, the most popular news you ever heard is not for any kind of election or any type of controversial news but the news that blows his mark on the whole world is about the deadly virus which was erected from China. The name of this virus is the Corona Virus.
This virus was firstly introduced in the very crowded and popular city of China named Yu hang
city. That affects hundreds or even thousands of people in China.
China is the country that had the largest population in the whole world. China is a socialists country and its government facing the problem of their high population criteria in the whole world. The high population comes with a high demand for food quantity and that’s also a big problem in this country. People of china liked seafood very much and that’s become the reason for 0f the Corona Virus. Corona Virus is a type of virus which is mainly found sea animals like snake, fishes, turtles and many others. This virus comes from a snake who had this virus in his body and affect the whole world. In this time the effect of the Corona Virus is found in many countries like China, India, America, and some others. This virus affects more than 80,000 peoples but the good news is that china helped the people of China to overcome this and also successful to cure more than 53,000 peoples.
This virus is very dangerous and the only remedy to avoid this virus is a precaution.

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