Emily Skye Workout Review Reviews

Emily Skye’s workout review.

Emily Skye’s workout review.

Emily Skye is an Australian fitness model. She becomes a role model for every fitness freak woman in the world. Emily Skye is also famous in the whole world. Every fitness freak women should follow him. 

Emily Skye’s workout review.

Emily had a great experience in weight training.

She made a pre-plan of 7 days workout for full-body training. Emily Skye also follow and get massive results for him to become a fitness model.

We’re here going to discuss this 7-day workout plan. 

We’ll start with day 1

•  Day 1: Day of rest

Emily says that we should do less workout or stretching on the first day of this session.

Most of the people makes this mistake on the first day of training. It will increase the chance of injury in our body because we haven’t practiced that kind of weight training before.

• Day 2: Upper Body workout

Now, you can start upper body workout. These exercises should be done after the warm-up of 5 minutes. We can do rope-skipping, Pushups etc. 

Equipment required

• One bench

• 2 dumbbells(DB)

 • Round 1

12× DB bench press

12× standing bent row

Rest of 60 seconds

• Round 2

 12× DB knee row

12×DB military press

60 sec rest

• Round 3

Can do 10 knee pushups

15× Air

Note:- 4 sets of all rounds

• Day 3: Lower Body workout

After upper body workout, we’ll proceed to lower body workout. 

Equipment needed

• 1 bench

• 2 dumbbells(DB)

• Round 1

Round one contains 10× DB Squats, DB lunge, Deadlift DB. After that take a rest of 60 seconds. 

• Round 2

In round 2 we’re going to do 10× crusty lunge with No weight. 

• Round 3

 20 × butterfly kick by each leg

 20 ×Ankle Tap by each leg.

 step-ups × 10. 

• Day 4:-  Again Rest Day

After doing a massive workout for upper and lower body. The body requires to have a rest for a day. 

• Day 5:-  Tabata Training/ Circuit Training

Now, you can start the training  for weight loss. This circuit training is called Tabata which is very helpful for weight loss. It refers to a condition that the work out is done only for 20 seconds and after  that rest of 20 seconds.


1. One bench 

2. One kettle bee

3. One Barbell

4. And floor mats

Tabata for 4 minutes

 we do some Deadlifts with lightweight after that we had to do Air Squats Kettlebells an additional exercise. 

 • Day 6:- Upper body workout

This upper body workout different from the previous upper body workout. In this Upper body workout, you can do training to improve your Back and your arms. 5 minute warm-up before starting the workout is necessary. We had to do four sets of each of the rounds mentioned below.

• Round 1

1.  10 Band pullups

2. 10 DB military press

3. Rest of 1 minute

• Round 2

 1.  8 DB bench press

2. 8 kneeling dump ell

• Round 3

1. 10 upright Kettlerow

2.  10 kettlebell (Swing)

3. Rest of 60 seconds

• Round 4

1. 20 seconds of Swingball Crunch

2. 15 right-left Plank

3. Rest of 40 seconds

• Day 7:-  Circuit

Emily ends this session with circuit training.  Circuit workout is an important  workout for human body. This training is not only to train your body but helps to improve brain skills and ability.

 Equipments needed

1. Floor mat

2. Kettlebell

3. Medicine ball

5 Rounds 

1. V-ups maximum of 10

2.  Medicine ball slams (15 Overhead)

3.  Climbers× 20

4. Plank lift ( 5 per leg)

5. Kettle beg front ( 10)


Email Skye’s fitness schedules are followed by many many actors and professionals 

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