How much water should drink in a day

Hey readers, If I ask  you a question that how much amount of water did you drink in a day what is your answer 1 ltr, 2 ltr  even  people says 2.5 ltr.But would you know that if a person drinks  3 ltr water in a day  is still not enough. Ya it’s a scientific fact. An average human has to drink approx 4 ltr water daily.

  Is you read it before am sure not. If a person drink 4 ltr Water a day then it not only good for his digestion but as well as good for nervous system, blood circulation in the whole body and also gives long term benefits to the body. In this busy life we don’t have time to make our body fit so why we live ?because health is wealth right. That kind of small habits can help the people to live a long life. To drinking 4 ltr water daily we can make our body cool.

Even scientist said that if a human drink 4 ltr waters a day he live 5 more year from others. So,make this habbit should drink 4 ltr water daily.

If you are busy person it takes minutes a day to drink 4 liters water in the whole day that keeps your body automatically fit and create distance from many diseases like Dehydration, Typhoid,Cholera and many others.

So let’s make a promise to ourselves that should drink 4 liters water daily.

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