How to earn online in this lockdown period

How to earn online in this lockdown period

We all know that at this time not only a specific country but the whole world is facing a very
critical situation. The world is facing a global pandemic and because of that pandemic, the most
developed countries like American, Italy, and the United kingdom are also defeated by this
global pandemic. In this time the whole world becomes lock downed. All the companies whether
it is domestic or multinational companies are being closed. All the executives of the developed
countries taking many necessary decisions to prevent or avoid this global pandemic.
In this, we’re going to talk about how you can utilize the time of lockdown and can earn a great
level of income by investing your little bit time of the day.
In this article, we suggest the top ways to earn online in this period of lockdown in 2020.
So, let’s start

  1. Freelancing
    Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn online. By doing freelancing you can
    establish your online presence. In freelancing, you just have to complete your
    registration in some suggested websites like Up work, Freelancer, and many others.
    After registration, you have to create a good profile that becomes impressive. After
    creating your profile on those websites you can search for clients and ask them that
    you’re good for their work. If they become impressed with your presentation. They’ll give
    you work. If we consider the latest data then we got that by doing freelancing you can
    earn $5 to $100.
  2. Youtube
    YouTube is the best media to earn income not only in this lockdown period but in normal
    life also. In this time where the whole world is facing a situation of the global pandemic,

everyone wants they’ll become updated. To do this work you can open a YouTube
channel to aware and updating the public about the news of the Coronavirus. You can
also choose many other platforms to entertain peoples. This will give you a huge amount
and you become famous in online media. By making the YouTube channel you can earn
in Dollars.

  1. Online tutoring
    In this lockdown period, parents become tensed about their children that their studies
    are stopped due to the lockdown period. By providing this service you can earn a
    massive level of income and experience of learning. So, how you can provide online
    tutoring in this lockdown period?
    You can make your registration on some online tutoring websites. You should require a
    good quality internet speed that will provide uninterrupted services to your students.
    Here, you can earn by providing services per hour. This is a very good media or career
    option, especially for youngsters. If we analyze the income criteria then we got that by
    doing online tutoring you can earn 100 RS to 1000 RS par day.
  2. Content writing
    In content writing, you just have to provide the service of the article provider. The
    interested clients are giving you work and after completing the work the client will pay
    you. This is also a good way to earn money because by becoming a content writer you
    can earn the price and experience of writing the content. The problems which you faced
    is the uncertainty of price. It means that various clients have different paying amounts for
    the same work. By managing this you can be able to do content writing and earn a great
    income in this lockdown period.
  3. Kindle e-book
    If you love to write then you can publish your book that will give you a great level of
    experience and money. You can write your own ebook and able to publish it. You can
    also fix the price of your book at your rate. The company gives you 70% of the total
    earning of the book as royalty and the remaining money will be charged by the Company
    to promote your book on the online platform. This is also a good way to earn income in
    this lockdown period.
    So, in this article, we saw the top 5 ways to earn online in this lock-down period in 2020. I know
    that all the offices and all the sources of income are being closed but by doing these online
    businesses you can help your family and society to overcome their financial condition.

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