Obesity A dangerous problem for our society

In today’s time, obesity is becoming a hazardous problem. It will not only increase the weight of the person but also increases the chance of having diseases in the body. Obesity affects not only the elders but in youths too. 

The problem is that the food culture in our country becomes very bad. People are also can’t able to avoid them because they love their taste. 

To satisfy their tongue they never take care of their stomachs. 

This will increase the fat percentage in our body and this will increase our weight apparently. At the starting we feel confident but when the weight continuously gained people start worrying and trying to found the ways to recover it.

Weight putting is not a bad thing a person who wants a great body posture had to increase weight but also taken care of body fat also. 

There are two types of fats that are helping to put on the weight of Simple Fat and Complex Fat

Simple fat is gained from Chicken, Eggs, Soya, Pulses and many other but Complex fat is available in Junk foods. The problem is that people are eating lots of Complex fat in their daily life. Complex fat is the reason which contains many weight problems like Diabetes, Blood pressures, and many others. 


Do at least 20 minutes of exercise daily. Drink 3-4 liters of water daily and avoid junk foods as much you can. 

This will not only help you to improve your weight status but also helps in maintaining a good digestion system. 

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