Web-hosting:- tool to make your career online

Web hosting is an online service, we can say that it is an online business that allows posting
websites or webpages on the internet to an organization or an individual. Web-hosting or web
hosting service provider is actually doing business that provides technology and services for
those who needed for website and webpages that can be viewed on the internet, Websites are
stored or hosted on a computer called a server that stores all the information of site or
webpages. If anyone wants to view your site that they only have to do just small thing; simply
go to the browser and type your website’s address or domain name into their browser, then
your server will connect to the computer of the person who has searched this and your
webpage or website will be delivered to them through the browser.
Almost all web hosting companies require that you own your domain in order to use these
services and if you do not have a domain that they will help you to purchase.

Let’s see some types of web-hosting which will help us to know about the working types of

  1. Shared web hosting service
    Like all other sites once new websites ranked on the same server as other sites that
    are placed earlier, in which that generally ranging few sites to hundreds of sites on the
    same server. Generally, all domain server is utilizing the same server (CPU and RAM on
    the same computer). This type of service offers basic features and also not
    compromising in terms of software.
  2. Web hosting reseller program
    This type of web hosting allows the users to become web hosts themselves. Sellers can
    work under any type of combination of some listed types of personal domains. It fully
    depends on whom they are associated with as a reseller. This type is mostly used type
    of web hosting.
  3. Virtual Dedicated Server
    Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) Also known as Virtual Private Server (VPS), which splits
    up their server resources into virtual servers. Where the resources can be allocated on
    in that method that does not reflect directly their underlying hardware. VPN resources

will be often to be apportioned on the same server for many VPNs relationship.
Virtualization can be practiced for many reasons in which one reason, including the
ability to move a VPS container between servers. In this type of web hosting users have
root access to their virtual space, because of this reason sometimes customers are
responsible for their patching and maintaining the server (unnamed server)

  1. Dedicated hosting service
    In this type of web hosting service user gets their own web server and this way they gain
    full control over it, which includes root access for Linux and administrator access for
    Windows users. Still, general users do not own this service. One case of dedicated
    hosting is self-managed or unmanaged. This type of server is usually more inexpensive
    in price as users have their own administrative control over it, that’s why whole
    responsibility is on the client to this own dedicated server.
    Now let’s see some best hosting plans which will become helpful for the beginners to purchase
    a web hosting plan
  2. BlueHost web hosting- ⅘
    BlueHost web-hosting company provides free domain services and also gave a 25%
    discount for beginners. You can buy web-hosting through this plan in just $2.75 per
  3. HostGator web hosting plan.
    This plan of hosting is divided into 3 categories provide by the HostGator web hosting
  4. HostGator Hatchling plan
    This plan can buy hosting in $2.64/ month
  5. HostGator Baby plan
    This plan can be buy hosting in $3.78/ month
  6. HostGator Business plan
    buy this domain in just $5.68/month
  7. In motion web hosting plan
    You can buy this hosting in just $2.95/ month. If you’re a beginner then you just have to
    pay 60% less of the original price.
  8. Hostinger web hosting business plan
    If you wanted a single shared hosting then you can buy in just $0.99. Secondly,
    you can also buy the premium shared policy in just $2.89/ month, and at the last
    category which is named as business shared hosting you can buy in
    $3.99/month. This policy is a wallet-friendly plan policy.
  9. SMBs plan from GoDaddy
    This is also a very good company providing hosting you can buy hosting in just

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